Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Blame The IRS

The blowback from the Virginia Tech tragedy has been so predictable. If you want to know what I’m talking about, you need do nothing more than Google “Virginia Tech Gun Control” or go to Drudge’s web page and see where the Left is starting to assess blame before the bodies go cold.

We need more gun control. If guns are outlawed, goes the naiveté, then it will be next to impossible for people like this kid to go on shooting rampages like this. Time for gun control. Every time a massacre like this takes place, its time for gun control, yes, that will fix the problem. That damn Second Amendment is so outdated, time to turn the page in history, they say, and repeal it. This isn’t the Wild Wild West anymore.

This is the kind of nonsense I want to first address before I move on to my second point. First point is this: The Second Amendment has very little to do with crime. The Second Amendment has very little to do with self defense. The Second Amendment was primarily intended to keep ultimate control of the government in the hands of the governed. Or, as the bumper sticker says “Tyrants Prefer an Unarmed Populace.” The Federalists didn’t add that amendment to keep street punks from stealing the tape deck from your Volvo. It was written early into the Bill of Rights to put tyrants on notice, that ultimately they serve at the pleasure of the citizenry. A guarantee the Anti-Federalists needed during the Constitutional Convention Debates on the heels of years of suffering and bloodshed to buck one tyrant. They weren’t exactly looking for a new one.

Now, don’t misunderstand; I’m not advocating running off to Montana and joining a militia like a kook. But I am advocating the importance of understanding why taking gun rights away from law abiding citizens is such a slippery slope.

Early in the 20th Century, a famous world leader said – “Today, our nation has the strictest gun control laws in history. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead in the future.” Guess who? That’s right, Adolf Hitler. Never forget that.

Naturally, however, when something like this happens, the outcry for gun control begins from the usual suspects once again. We need stricter gun control, they say. They don’t look at the lack of results the gun laws on the books in Washington DC or New York City have. Crime is rampant in those two places.

The Left in this country loves to point fingers at “root causes”. Why did Johnny turn to a life of crime? Because he could watch cartoons as a kid. His mother made him eat broccoli, or some such nonsense. Lets get to the root cause of this tragedy. No, unlike others pundits right-of-center, I’m going to put forth the idea that this tragedy is not just the random unfortunate act of a nut. There is a root cause to this, and when the details of this come forth, I will be vindicated.

There is a pattern here. Columbine, April 20th, 1999. Two kids gun down several others in the Library of a Colorado High School.

The pattern continues – though it doesn’t involve guns, on April 19th, 1995, two anti-government nuts bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Lastly, yesterday, April 16th, 2007, a young college kid guns down several others on the campus of Virginia Tech.

See the pattern? YES YOU DO – it all took place at tax time. All these acts of violence happened within a week of the Tax Deadline.

My theory is this – and it is just as credible as the gun control lobby’s argument – all five of these people went nuts over the complicated tax system in the US, both at the state and Federal level. The writing is on the wall. Its time to act.

How many more Columbines, Oklahoma Cities, and Virginia Techs do we have to experience before we realize that it is the punitive progressive tax system - complete with its complicated forms and terrifying hired goons at the IRS – that is causing all of this? When the smoke clears we will learn this kid’s background from the VA Tech shooting; that he was a burgeoning entrepreneur, owned his own business, and got the hot poker in his ass yesterday at the accountants office. I think the suicide letter in the news is nothing more than a media ruse. This kid got hosed by the tax system because he is successful. It drove him to kill.

While the sorrow is still fresh in our hearts, lets begin to talk seriously about instituting a flat tax that puts a flat tax percentage on everyone regardless of income, and drastically overhauling the IRS. No more Columbines, no more Oklahoma Cities, no more Va Techs. Lets start the healing now by dealing with, what I theorize, is the root cause of the problem.