Thursday, April 19, 2007

Curiousity Has The Better Of Me

I just read this article on the web after hearing about this "movement" on the radio by college kids around the country. As a person who is and always will be a Christian to the core, I believe in forgiveness, even for heinous crimes such as this. However, I believe the forgiveness needs to be granted by the person against whom the transgression has been committed. Most of the people signing on to this movement are people who did not and do not attend VT. Most biblical references to forgiveness speak of the transgressor asking the transgressed for forgiveness, but that's a different topic.
As you can tell by the picture above, it looks to me like the transgressor thinks you can shove your forgiveness straight up you’re a**. But I digress.

I wonder how many people – and let me be very clear here, I have no idea, nor could I begin to know this, just a fair question and food for thought – how many of these college kids, grad students and the like absolutely hate George W. Bush from the very depths of their beings? Here we have a bunch of people “forgiving” Cho for this rampage (which I have a hard time believing anyone personally affected by this man’s actions would be willing to do so readily - maybe, but I'm not betting), yet I would wager (especially since they are college students) that many of them – maybe even most of them - absolutely abhor GWB. He tramples Civil Liberties (wrong), tortures people (wrong), violates the Geneva Conventions (wrong), goes to war for oil (wrong), steals elections (wrong)… shall I continue? Maybe we on the Right should start our own forgiveness movement for Bush; forgiveness for transgressions he didn’t commit, but for some reason he needs to be forgiven for.

Lets see how much steam this gets. Lets see how the media covers it. Lets see if the same forgiveness crowd buys into it.