Friday, May 20, 2016

SCORE! Yes, I Do "$24.99 Like Them"

Forget all the nonsense about market forces at work yada yada... I got results by "taking it to the streets."  You don't know me but I'm your bruuuuthaaaa....

So Jesse Jackson and I smoked a blunt, walked into the office of the Meijer General Manager and chanted "Hey hey, ho ho, $40 Cub Trunks are a ripoff, Yo"  Our persistence paid off, and he gave them to me for $25.

Not really.  The market at work.  They weren't moving at $40.  They weren't moving at $30. BUT, alas, they came down to $24.99.  So, I snatched them up.

Back when they were languishing at $30, I sent the link to the post below to update my Uncle, who has been following the Cub Trunk Chronicles quite closely.  As to the $30 price, he made this observation:

"Make sure your size doesn't disappear.....yeah, I know, I missed the point. LOL!" 

Now, he was joking, of course... but he made a good point, maybe unknowingly.  Fear of potential scarcity could lead to an increase in demand.  In fact, that was a large reason as to why I pounced today.  I could wait until they go down to $19.99, but the chances that they will be gone quickly at that price pushed my demand up for them a bit higher.

And ladies.... I look goooood in them.  Hopefully since my Cubs have dropped three of their last four this will bring some good Karma.