Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lets Teach Dynamic Analysis To Morons

JP Gotrocks has $10MM.  President Obama wants to Tax away a million of it.

JP Gotrocks can do one of two things.  He can choose to hand over the million bucks.  BUT, JP Gotrocks didn't get rich by being stupid or careless.  He also knows that he can put a large part of that million bucks somewhere where Obama's greedy, boney little fingers can't get it... off shore etc etc.

SO... what's JP Gotrocks going to do?  My bet is that JP Gotrocks is going to shelter the bejesus out of that money.  So then, what's going to happen to that "blessed revenue" that President Obama wants?  Probably never going to see it.  Good for JP Gotrocks.  Bad for President Obama and thus our debt, because he projected hauling in that million bucks and spent accordingly.

HOORAY!  Class, we just got our first lesson in Static vs Dynamic Analysis.