Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bad Day To Put Me In Front Of A Computer

I'm really tense today for some personal reasons, I'm noticing that its making me irritable and judgmental.  In other words, a lot like a Leftist.

So I'm going to take this opportunity to snark at fellow Republicans whining about the movie Argo.

I have a very low opinion of Jimmy Carter, personally and as a President.  I have no love for Gloria Allred with a dick, Mr Carter, the male version of everyone's favorite political canker sore.  I truly wish he'd join a bridge club at Del Boca Vista and just freaking retire already.  Yet he keeps popping up.

That said, Argo's depiction of him, in my estimation, was not overly flattering.  The smattering of Carter speeches throughout the movie was more than tolerable.  Each time his speeches would be played and file footage of him rolled, it was Carter expressing the grief and frustration over the situation felt by the average American (I know, I lived through the situation as a grade school kid, I can relate). 

Whatever I think about his annoying criticism of his successors' policies, whatever I think of his childish world view, I have no doubt that, during the crisis, Carter was personally and genuinely affected by the events.  The decision in Argo to go with the "rescue plan" was not something that was played up as Carter in Commando fatigues, as some imply.  They simply gave the nod to the mission at a high level.  The rest of the operation (and the movie) was just the CIA doing what it does, acting in the interest of Americans abroad.

The prattle by Jimmy Carter at the end of the movie is being overblown as well.  The best of my recollection of the comments at the end is that it was nothing more than Carter describing his (and others') feelings when the situation occurred and of his relief when it was over.

Argo is one of the best movies I've seen in a long long time.  Yes, coming into the movie, though "based on a true story", I was sure there would be wild embellishment.  Yes, Affleck and Clooney are Leftists.  Annoying to a degree, yes.  That doesn't take away from the quality of the writing.  The dialogue throughout is very entertaining.  A retro movie done very well, and a soundtrack that is superb.  I recommend it whole heartedly.  Check it out.