Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The workday officially starts in five minutes, so I'm going to run through very quickly what I guarantee you are going to see tonight at the Hofstra Debate. The Non-Fox News, no matter how poor the substance of Obama's positions, will be aglow with anchors and pundits that will make Obama out to be the greatest debater since Lincoln. He's BACK!, they'll say. It'll be Kennedy-Nixon all over again, all Obama needs to do is show up and act half alive. You heard it here, first. I haven't heard anyone else make this point (maybe they have, not sure, but I've been listening and reading and haven't noticed this point elsewhere). Now, Obama's substance, not his passion and faux ghetto dialect, will be weak. It'll be the same positions we've countless times heard before, with the words "Millionaires, Billionaires, fat cat, corporate jet owners, tax breaks to those who don't need them, bin Laden is dead...." etc. You fill in the blanks. Obama simply doesn't have the level of intelligence and real world, substantive experience that Romney has. His attacks will be shallow, but they'll be spirited, and the cheerleaders in the media will revel in it all. HE'S BACK!! NEW RACE STARTING TONIGHT!!!!