Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick Thoughts On The Republican Convention

Just a few bullet points and important thoughts on the Convention:

  • Mitt Romney did just what he needed to do... people who were expecting him to give a 1980-style Reagan acceptance speech were doomed to disappointment, not because Romney isn't up to the job but because his personality is different than Reagan's was.  Reagan was an impassioned ideologue.  Romney is passionate about his beliefs, but doesn't convey it in the same manner.  Romney took to the podium Thursday night and did exactly what he needed to do: Point out, in a tactful way, that Obama sucks, is completely clueless and in over his head, and as long as he remains President and CEO of the USA, our economy is going to suck.  Mission accomplished.
  • I've heard it said from reliable sources that Barack Obama is genuinely afraid of Paul Ryan.  Ryan's acceptance speech Wednesday night should show America why.
  • The Debt Counter on the wall was a good idea, but it has dangers.  I can write the Democrats' response to it myself (and you'll hear it in Charlotte, too): "That is the cost of tax cuts for Millionaires and Billionaires."  Don't be surprised if they do a similar counter with that title above it.  To counter, Priebus et al should have had two counters.... the first, the one that they actually had, showing the debt growth during the convention.  Right below it, they should have placed a second one showing debt growth assuming we tax Millionaires and Billionaires at 100%.... the difference would be negligible and would take a talking point away from the other party.
  • Great speeches: Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Sher Valenzuela, I felt, aside from the nominees, gave the best speeches.  
  • At the conclusion of Romney's acceptance speech, I walked away realizing what a gem of a human being we have on the ballot this election.  All the hesitancy by the party faithful during the primary season should be swept aside now.  He's a man of impeccable character, incredibly charitable, and with the business savvy unseen in such a degree in my lifetime.  Contrast he and Ryan to the thin skinned, inexperienced, entitled, clueless child with Marxist tendencies on the other side of the ballot and, to me, if we play our cards right... this election shouldn't even be close.  We have a man who understands how Market Economies work on one hand, and a brat with an ego on the other who doesn't and has exhausted all of his options.  The burden is on the Republican Party to beat that theme home effectively over the next two months.
  • Speaking of being a brat, it looks like the Eastwood thing really got under Obama's thin skin.  Jim Treacher, the Great, did a good job of lampooning The President's sensitivity, as did William Jacobson of Cornell Law School.  For starters, the picture Obama tweeted: he looks little a little punk with that head of his popping up over the rather large chair.  My first mental picture in comparison was a little toddler in a high chair, sitting at the dinner table with the grown ups.  And what "this chair is taken" has to do with Eastwood's routine is beyond me.  But, he fought back, yes sir!  Yes, Barack, it is taken.  Your job (and this is one that you may actually do well, for a change) is to keep that chair warm for Mitt Romney.