Friday, September 7, 2012

I Have Better Things to Do With My Time

My wife asked me last night, "aren't you going to watch Obama's speech?  That's tonight, isn't it?"

Reagan's Recovery  (HT National Review)

Obama's "Recovery" (HT National Review)
I told her, no, I can tell you exactly what he's going to say.  I've been hearing it for years, it hasn't changed.  The rich need to pay more in taxes, tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires are driving the deficit and debt (wrong), the future is in green energy operations like Solyndra (wrong - at least not the immediate future, the market will decide), we are on the right track (and at this rate, we'll match Reagans recovery sometime in the next 80 years).... Romney sucks the blood of children, he wants to "outsource" your job, he doesn't care about you or pay taxes, Granny off the cliff, etc etc etc.

As long as the CEO of the United States doesn't have a grasp on the most fundamental principles of Market Economics, as long as he doesn't understand wealth and who the job creators are, as long as he can't comprehend dynamic analysis and human behavior, we are going to suffer.  President Obama thinks he can flog the golden goose incessantly and it will still lay golden eggs.  Until we replace him with someone who understands Capitalism and Wealth and Human Behavior, we're going to suffer.  The speech wasn't going to change ANY of that.  It was going to be nothing but a double down on his radical vision of a Soft Soviet Style America.  I'll pass, I told her.  I'm tired, quite frankly, of hearing his voice.

"Mr President, Your Story Has Become Tiresome"