Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fred Thompson's Interpretation of the Clinton Convention Speech

The best line of a good piece, which sums up what I've been saying here (bold emphasis mine throughout):

"I still can’t get past Clinton’s remarks from Wednesday night, when he gave what amounted to an almost hour-long apology for why none of the promises President Obama made four years ago have been carried out. It had to be the most unusual introduction of a president in the history of politics. 'Here’s why we’ve failed for four years, which is also why you should give him four more years during which he pledges to behave the same way.'


"On the claim of Obama’s stripping over $700 billion out of Medicare? It is only going to come out of the hides of insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals caring for your loved ones. They undoubtedly will continue to happily absorb the cuts and provide the same or better quality of care. Besides, Clinton would remind us, no doctor or hospital in America has yet proven to federal bureaucrats that their costs are needed or deserved."