Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Desparation Looks Like, Pt 2

In Roanoke, VA on July 13th, His Excellency, Barack Obama, the greatest president since FDR in the minds of the Ministry of Information, made this ridiculous comment.

This segment of the speech in Roanoke is one of the most ignorant, out of touch with Free Market Economics and Business Principles I've heard in the 20+ years I've followed and studied Politics.  The Contemporary American Media, who I refer to on these pages as the Ministry of Information, has been feverishly working to take this off the radar of the American Public.  How?  Make his opponent, accomplished businessman and former successful Governor Mitt Romney look worse.

But how do we do that, the Ministry of Information wonders?  Take a comment on a non issue like Olympic preparedness or a self-evident observation that corrupt tyrannical leadership in the Middle East leads to misery for Arabs and try to make a "gaffe story" out of that.  Get that square to fit into a round hole.

DO IT, Ministry of Information/Mainstream Media!  Your J-School Professors had the Kennedys and their Camelot.  Preserve YOUR Camelot!  You want to be able to tell your kids about how magical the "successful" Presidency of the First Black President was, don't you?  You want to be able to tell everyone in your retirement how YOU were there, just like the Cronkites and Lippmans of old were there in the Kennedy era.  You want to be able to talk about how YOU covered that successful first Black Administration, don't you?  Then do your part to make sure that narrative survives!!  Find something that Romney said!  Twist it hard into a story!  Your Camelot is at stake.  Don't worry about how foolish and transparent the operation looks.  The people that you disseminate the news to are idiots, they need your guidance.  They need to see the bigger picture (they can't, not as smart or cultured as you, those NASCAR morons), that the success of the First Black President, no matter how childish, destructive, arrogant and clueless, is of paramount importance.  To the nation and most of all to your narrative as a respected Journalist.

Mainstream Media, your irrelevance in the new information age is especially satisfying, given your biases.  Your demise as a great institution is a sweet taste on the tongue to those of us who cherish this nation and are disgusted with how irresponsibly you discharge the duties of one of the most crucial institutions in Free Society.