Monday, August 13, 2012

Fast Thoughts on The Ryan Pick

Just a few observations about what I think will be a good selection for Romney. I've heard a LOT of pundits that I have a great deal of respect for voice concern that WI Congressman Paul Ryan's greatest asset - his ability to reason clearly - will be rendered null by Democrats and their minions in the ministry of information as they attempt to demagogue his Medicare and other budget saving measures like children. I think this fear, while reasonable, is unwarranted when you consider a few things.

First, Ryan is unflappable. He has a command of budget and economic issues that he can articulate clearly and without hesitation. He is a sponge for facts and data and has demonstrated that he can debate those issues with confidence and calm. If the Left thinks it has another Sarah Palin on its hands, the coming weeks are going to be a rude awakening for them. That is not to say that Palin is an idiot whereas Ryan is not, Ryan simply has the ability to go into the weeds on detail in a way Palin couldn't when put in a tight situation.

Secondly, the Romney Campaign War Chest is growing at break neck speed. Video's like the one below can be hurried up - almost instantly - by the campaign to respond in detail to ANY hysterical smear Team O tries to run up the flagpole. The best part is that they can put these responses up using Ryan himself, clearly debunking whatever Granny-off-the-cliff nonsense the President's smear team is peddling.

Lastly, in an age where - regrettably, in my opinion - a candidate's looks matter, Paul Ryan is no troll. He's a young, energetic guy who will come across to heartland America as a genuine family man. The President in campaigns past has shown no hesitancy in trying to dig up divorce records etc etc to wipe out an opponent. Ryan and Romney's clean image, coupled with Obama's abysmal record and Ryan's command of, and ability to articulate, fact is going to make this an entirely uphill battle for Team O. I get more optimistic each day.