Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My New Hero

Think this guy can breathe through his nose? h/t Sam Ryskind at the Ryskind Sketchbook. I can't stop laughing at this little loser. Democracy dying = Public Sector Unions being forced to contribute to their retirement plans like the rest of us. Watch it a few more times if you're feeling a little blue and need a giggle. Funnier still is how the Useful Idiot reporters from this Ministry of Information broadcast are taking him so seriously.

So there you have it. A duly elected governor takes the necessary steps, as campaigned, to correct the sad finances of the state. He's recalled because those that lost the last election in 2010 wanted a "do over", essentially. Oddly enough, the losers are granted their "do over", and the governor has to win *another* election. When the governor wins that election, because the MAJORITY of the voters support the reforms, somehow, according to this little whiner, "democracy is dead". He didn't win either election, so since his side didn't win, democracy is dead.

This is the warped mind of today's devout union thug. If their demands aren't met, it must be the tyrannical nature of the American System. If they aren't coddled incessantly by the tax payer, "life in America as 'we' know it is over."

Get a life, you little cry baby. You lost. Your pampered attitude was recognized by the Wisconsin citizen as the toxic cancer that it is, and they said "no" to you. Like a little child that didn't get the chocolate milkshake before dinner that he wanted, he cries, throws a fit and claims "life in America as 'we' know it is dead". Its dead because he didn't get what he wanted. Yep, life sucks. Can't believe the Useful Idiot with the microphone didn't hug him.