Monday, July 30, 2012

John Hinderaker Strikes .... Again

My favorite political analyst, John Hinderaker at Powerline, made me laugh out loud, once again.  Here's a snippit of his very good critique of CNN (bold emphasis is funny because its true, I speak from experience):

"The network’s defenders say the problem is that it is an objective, 'just the facts' network, in an era when most viewers prefer the partisan approaches they can get from Fox and MSNBC. But no one who actually watches CNN buys that. Scott and I have both written about the horror of being trapped at an airplane gate, and being forced to listen to an infinite loop of CNN’s liberal commentary."

John's comments are timely.  Ironically, coming out of an airport terminal this weekend and onto a flight home to FL I was reading a column in the July 30th, 2012 National Review in which writer Daniel Foster makes, what I took, to be a similar claim regarding CNN's sagging ratings.  Foster seemed to parrot the claim of the networks apologists, that since it is not "partisan" like Fox and MSNBC, its not able to compete.  I thought the obvious, and John seems to agree.  CNN is sucking wind in the ratings because they are EXACTLY like MSNBC  and the other "mainstream networks".  Fox News doesn't have the pervasive Left Wing bias that CNN et al are infested with, and more Americans in "Flyover Country" seem to find Fox more palatable.