Friday, February 17, 2012

Where Were These Headlines In 2008?

Today, Walter Shapiro at The Ticket (courtesy of Yahoo) has this headline, with the body of the story fraught with sarcasm:

Rick Santorum’s mysterious manifesto, ‘It Takes a Family’

Of course, yes, it begs the question, where were these Mainstream Media headlines in 2008?

Obama Pastor Spouts Hatred and Division, Obama Bizarrely Claims to Have Never Have Heard in 20 Years of Attendance

Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Launched Obama Political Career

Obama Insults Heartland Voters With "Bitter Clingers" Comment - Out of Touch Politician?

Obama Says 57 States In Union - Could It Be A Sign of An Inferior Education?

Obama Acknowledges Higher Tax Rates May Not Yield More Revenue, Claims Tax Code A Weapon of Fairness

I could go on - believe me, I could - but the point is made. Why didn't we see these headlines in 2008? Because the Mainstream Media was too busy forking through Sarah Palin's garbage to investigate their favorite candidate. But remember, the whole concept of a Left Leaning Media is a construct of the Right. Also, don't you just love the "manifesto" reset?

Folks, he's going to be re-elected. I'm admitting it here and now, get ready for four more years of Obama Presidency, and there is nothing stopping him after 2012. I'm still holding out hope that the Mayans were right.