Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nation Building At Home?

The President's June 22nd Speech regarding the American commitment in Afghanistan left me with one question after hearing this single sentence. This single sentence that I speak of is the Thesis Statement of the entire speech, and it goes like this:

"America, it is time to focus on nation building here at home."

And, to use an often cliched sentence here at JGAH, "I am forced to ask the question":

What the hell have we been doing for the last two and a half years? Stimulus, more talks of Stimulus 2, Obamacare, etc etc etc? Is that not "nation building here at home"?? This is classic Democrat boilerplate talk, leaning on the worn out and inaccurate insinuation that we "don't invest enough in America" and the garden variety of Leftist social spending. Our debt, folks, is trillions and trillions and climbing. And those trillions are largely due to.... not war, not defense spending.... social spending. Entitlements, waste, you name it. This is why I've always shrieked in horror when a Democrat whines that we aren't doing enough for the poor and other disaffected groups they claim to represent. The amount of money we've thrown at poverty and education over the last 40+ years is staggering, yet to Leftists like Obama, its never enough.

There is a faction of a major world religion, with allies both in the Arab Street, Arab Governments, and even the American Street, that has as one of its primary objectives, destroying the United States of America in every sense of the word "destroy". Yet our Commander in Chief doesn't see the priority of meeting this enemy any where he finds it. His priority is rectifying the balance sheet of Government focus. Domestic Spending is his priority, because you see, we haven't done enough of it over the last half century. In other words, we haven't done enough "nation building here at home."

Rick Santorum was right. We are "sleep walking into a nightmare."