Friday, May 14, 2010

Still On Hiatus, But Some Quick Thoughts...

Thanks for checking back - and yes, still not in the mood to discuss issues of the day as thoroughly as I should. Some quick thoughts that have been on my mind:

  1. I've stated before that we as Republicans are going to blow a golden opportunity to take advantage of the poor approval of Congress, and the backlash against ObamaCare, if we do not have a unifying message ala 1994. I believe we'll have modest gains in both houses, but in the end, nothing as sweeping as 1994 unless we get better organized and put forth a "Contract With America" v2, that centers around repeal of ObamaCare and Arizona-Type Immigration measures. Time is of the essence.
  2. While on the subject of Immigration, a couple of points: The Great Andy McCarthy has a great piece at National Review that blows the "checkpoint" stigmas out of the water. Read it here. Basically, cops have to have a reason to pull some one over/initiate contact ("Terry Stops") before inquiring about legality. If the person in question can produce documentation, no worries. If not... time to enforce federal law. Second, if the person in question is here legally, there should be nothing for said person to fear. Furnish documentation and move on. I'm proud of the AZ Governor and Legislature for standing firm on this issue.
  3. As I've said before, the Market Economy is cyclical in nature and will recover on its own. Republicans had best point this out and point out its weakness in recovery of Obama's Stimulus is going to get ill-deserved credit for the recovery. In 2012 they'll have no one to blame but themselves.
  4. Part of my depression stems from the feeling of inevitability about a second Obama term. The damage to our nation will be irretrievable. But, he's our first black president. Its just sooo wonderful.
Hang in there.