Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Nobel Puppetmasters

John Hinderaker closes a very good piece at Powerline this evening with this:

"...the Nobel Prize Committee embarrassed itself by awarding its Peace Prize to a President who, by his own admission, hasn't done anything yet. The award was, at best, a prediction."

I think this accurately sums up what others have said about Barack Obama's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination process ended less than two weeks after his inauguration, so people who value the prize had Obama pegged for it before he'd hardly had a chance to do anything truly worthy of it. This doesn't make much sense on its face.

But then again, neither does the award itself in a de facto sense. What could truly be a prize for people who make the world a better place has become, in essence, not much more than an Academy Award and just as worthless, in my estimation. People like Jimmy Carter and Yassir Arafat, people who, if the record were examined correctly, have done nothing but empower facists and warmongers, have won the award. So, to me, its a joke. The Nobel Prize, like the Hollywood award, has really become nothing more than a vehicle for bunch of vacuous, childish Leftists to congratulate each other. Meanwhile, reality laughs at all of them. If I were a politician or public figure and by some strange twist of fate be awarded this thing, I'd refuse it. Just as I refuse to watch Award Shows like the Academy Awards or the Emmys, I could care less about the Nobel. But, once again, I apologize for my digression.

If you think about it, this was the Worldwide Lefts attempt to push Barack Obama down the path they most desire his policies to go. I know that others have, pretty much all day today, made this same point.

I think the interesting thing to point out is just how in tune the Nobel Leftists are with Obama's massive, massive ego. The President claimed to "... accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century."
This, folks, is exactly what they wanted. They knew full well that Obama would understand that this is not so much for accomplishments, but for intentions. And they knew that his massive sense of self-worth would provide all the fuel for their fire. Obama is being egged on to continue down the path of neutering this nation with the receipt of this stupid award.

What does Barack Obama crave? Adoration and recognition. The Nobel Leftists know that stroking this colossal ego is the surest method to keep him on his present course, both internationally AND domestically. And the President is taking the bait.

Buckle up, folks. Its going to be a long three years until 2012.

ok... one other thought.... some have made the point that this is a "consolation prize" for Obama's rebuke, of sorts, in Copenhagen for the 2016 Olympics. There may be some truth to that, though I seriously doubt any on the Nobel Committee would admit to it. Think about this: you're a European Leftist, and you love the direction Barack Obama is taking the United States of America. And, you are painfully aware of the man's ego. How big of a blow was it to Obama's ego to have his plea for the Olympics rejected like a fat man's flat-footed layup? Huge, and its very possible that the Nobel Leftists knew they stood the chance of having Obama lose steam on his quest to turn this nation into a neutered Sweden with that blow... so its possible that this was a "corrective measure" to keep him on course. Again, playing to his ego. Just a thought.