Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Smoking Gun From

A while back I posted video clip demonstrating the deceitful, sneaky way the Democrats are trying to usher in Single Payer Healthcare - ie, Socialized Medicine - in the US. They know they could never get it through by calling it what it is. Time for stealth.

Here's the logic that I think Morgen that Verum Serum is attempting to get you to follow.

Here's what the Democrats know.

1. That a "public option" creates the feeling in the consumer that the vilified Private Insurance companies will be forced to "stop being crooks."
2. This, will, in turn, allow people to let the public option slip into being and create the "competition" needed. People will think that this will be good: they can keep their private insurance that they like, yet the price of the public option will drive all insurance costs down.
3. Employers will be able to latch on to the "public option" at a rate that helps their bottom line.
4. Since most people get their coverage from an Employer Sponsored program, suddenly, many people will be forced into the public option as Employers look to offload the costs. Those who do not get their coverage through an employer will be forced to go with the public option. Those who want to leave the public option that their Employer latches them onto will find it either illegal or cost-prohibitive, at best, to do so.
5. In due course, the Private Insurers, unable to compete with a contestant in the race who is also the referee, and unable to compete with provider that can run trillions of dollars in the red, will crumble. More people, formerly pleased with their private insurers, now have nothing left but the public option.
6. Government run health care, formerly know as the "public option" is all that is left. A massive amount of people will be clamoring for access to a limited number of doctors, hospital beds and medication. Government will eventually be the one making the decision as to who gets what. Whats worse, further damaging the supply of good doctors, the best and brightest among us in droves will pick different careers... who would want to spend years of stress studying medicine to have their livelihood incessantly threatened by an overbearing government that will most like want to use its Pay Czar to tell doctors how much they earn; in addition to harassing them incessantly about their practice of medicine? Those in positions of power (ie, politicians and their families) will still be able to access the best care available in the country. Its a great time to be a person wielding political power.
7. Its an election year, 25 years from now. Democrats claim Republicans in this election want to slash health care spending. People panic and vote for the Democrats to "save health care spending". Sound familiar? By allowing he Public Option to morph into what I describe above, we're going to end up giving Democrats another scare weapon.... this time, not Social Security, Medicare, etc, but the Health Care Coverage for your family.

But remember, Obama claims people are "lying" that this is a trojan horse. Great strategy on behalf of the Democrats.