Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today's Recommended Reading

Eric Singer posting at American Thinker makes the case that I've been making throughout the health care debate here.

Private Insurers can't compete with a government that prints money and hasn't had to balance its books for years. The mandates in Sen. Max Baucus's bill will make it virtually impossible for private sector insurers to compete.

One other thing, to address Obama's analogy of the USPS and it's competition with FedEX, UPS, DHL, etc. If consumers of Shipping services were forced to use USPS, then FedEx and the like would fail, naturally. However, FedEx et al are an alternative to the poorly run USPS, whose problems, by Obama's own admission, are legendary. So, even if it costs a bit more to use the private shipping companies, some deem it worthwhile because they have the option to use USPS's alternative.

Once employers and others begin latching on to the "Public Option", however, health care consumers will have no option but to use the Post Office of the Health Care industry.

Again, follow it logically.