Friday, September 11, 2009

Ok, ONE LAST Take on Friedman....

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about Friedman's praise for the Autocrats on their "environmental example". My immediate thought was, "What? Didn't these people reject Kyoto?"

So, even if we accept the premise that Kyoto-like measures need to be put in place to limit emissions, the two biggest polluters, China and India, refuse to take part. Why should the US cut its throat if the two biggest culprits of pollution refuse to play along? And to Friedman's point, how does this make China an example for the US to follow with respect to the Environment?

My suspicions were confirmed moments ago by Steyn and Goldberg, again.

Goldberg (bold emphasis mine):

"I'm not a great student of what's going on in China, and I don't have its enlightened rulers on speed dial the way Friedman does. But I just find the idea that China is a great environmental steward absurd beyond ken (or barbie). China chokes the planet with more industrial smog than we do. Whole cities exist in perpetual dusk. China's factories are constantly sneaking lead and other poisons into their — and our — food and toys. The country is turning into a desert at a terrifying pace because of their land and water policies. Lord knows what horrors the Chinese are keeping off the books..."

My addition to this sentence is, 'what free media exists in this tyranny to expose this poor bookkeeping?'

"...I simply do not believe Tom Friedman et al when they say that China is beating us on the environment. No totalitarian regime has ever been a better steward of the environment than an advanced industrialized democratic regime. I have a hard time believing the Chinese are an exception to that rule."

and Steyn (bold emphasis mine):

"But what's even weirder about Friedman's valentine to the Politburo is that on his big bugbear — 'climate change' — the Chinese have explicitly rejected the cap-&-trade/emissions reduction regime he urges upon us. Having no public opinion or Friedmanite media to worry about at home, the ChiComs told the 'international community' to go take a hike. But, because they nod thoughtfully when he jets in for dinner en route from King Abdullah to the Deputy Sustainability Minister of North Korea, he thinks they're the cat's biodegradable pajamas.