Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey Tubby, Enjoy All You Can Eat BBQ While You Can....

I have a lot of concerns that I have yet to share with frequent patrons of JGAH about the "public option" being debated before both houses of Congress. Most principle among them is the open door that it gives the Federal Government to rob us of everyday freedom. How, you ask?

Simple, and others have made this point: Once government is responsible for paying for your health care, then they have a justification for running just about every part of your life. Especially with how you indulge in certain consumption pleasures. What kind of and how much food you eat, how much you drink, and whether or not you can indulge in tobacco and to what extent if you can. Risky activities? Don't be surprised if those are targeted as well.

And don't think it too Orwellian and out of the question for you to be required to disclose this information to the government on a regular basis.

Hey, Tubby, hope you're texting your pals in the SEIU Bowling League to set up a last evening of beer swilling and wing eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. Because pretty soon, its very realistic that you will not be able to.