Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dr. Frank Rosenbloom and Obamacare

Dr. Frank Rosenbloom today at American Thinker has this piece entitled "Obamacare - Point and Counterpoint". Check it out.

I think he could be a little more specific on some points, but overall its very good analysis from someone on the frontline of the debate. This point I thought was especially salient, discussing gross government inefficiency in comparison to the free market:

"...due to a change in the corporate status of my practice I was required to apply for a new national provider identification number (NPI) in March of this year. Within several weeks, without exception, all of the private insurance companies had registered the number and were paying on claims. After five months and exhaustive work of over 140 hours by my office staff Medicare and Medicaid had still not paid on a single claim. Finally, on August 14, Medicare made their first payment on claims that were five months old. Yet, if we do not bill Medicare within three months of the date of service, Medicare will not pay us at all. Government regulation and control permeates the entire medical system."