Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama and His Class Warrior, Loser Base: Get Your Own DAMN PIE

Tip of the hat to Michael Berry of KTRH in Houston, TX. Berry on occasion fills in for Mark Levin and I heard this soundbite above on his show recently.

You can't really blame Obama for his absolute ignorance of the basics of how wealth is grown in Free Market Economies. He's spent his entire life surrounding himself with losers and people who live in the most opportune country on the face of this earth and have come up short personally and professionally. And he's decided to give into emotion and make excuses for them. Millionaires and Billionaires, he tells us through inference, have their wealth by taking it from others who deserve it, i.e, the poor and middle class.

Time to tell the truth, Mr. President. The people that you so desperately want to have "paaa" don't have "paaa" because they haven't educated themselves. They have sought the easy way out. They haven't held their families together. They haven't finished school, saved money, delayed gratification, worked 60+ hours a week, playing by the rules, and have not resisted any and all obstacles to their success. The people who don't have "paaa" don't have it because of DECISIONS THEY HAVE MADE in their lives. You want "paaa" for those who are poor, Mr. President?

Then encourage your followers, mindless as they are, to do the things I prescribe above. Take responsibility for decisions they have made in their lives, and work hard. Deny themselves now to keep their eyes on the prize. Stand by their spouses. Encourage their children to do the same.... and watch the "paaaa" grow. This will happen without turning them into bitter, hateful people that rob from those who succeed by following the correct and prosperous path.

And most importantly, stop exploiting the ignorance of your base on the creation of wealth. Wealth is not a fixed pie that must be shared equally. Wealth is created, and just because one person has wealth doesn't mean someone else is starving. Of all the annoying tactics employed by your party, Mr. President, the zero sum based class warfare employed by you and your base is the most annoying, destructive and dangerous of them.

Wealth is best grown, you idiot. Not transfered. I didn't go to Columbia/Harvard, and I have enough sense to know that.