Saturday, December 20, 2008

People's Cube: Random Facts That Defy Conventional Wisdom

I saw this at the Cube and had to repost it in its entirety. A hearty "Amen"

Did you know....

...that if Pres. George W. Bush really WERE Hitler, most of his political opponents would be dead by now?

...that after almost 50 yrs on this planet, the US Presidency will be Barack Obama's first REAL job?

...that if politicians could run things like the auto industry successfully, the Soviet Union WOULDN'T have collapsed?


...that "free" national healthcare will be paid for by somebody, probably you?

...that Descartes' proof of existence, "I think therefore I am" will not work for a majority of voters in the last election?

...that the news presented on television and in the papers is arbitrarily selected by editors and there is no requirement that it be important or even true?

...that the national media's fantasy that Barack Obama and Chicago's political culture have little to do with each other is less statistically probable than being struck by lightning or winning the lottery?

...that most celebrities are banal vacuous idiots and you'd be better off licking a dead monkey's anus than emulating their lives or listening to their opinions?

...that even though Abraham Lincoln was nick-named "Honest Abe", the state he is most closely associated with, Illinois, is as corrupt as a third-world banana republic?

...that once upon a time Americans solved their own problems and did not wait for someone else to do it?

...that the current Vice President-elect is someone named "Joe Biden"?

...that the US Constitution defines no right to food, shelter, healthcare or any material good but that it is strictly about political rights?

...that Al Gore is not a climate scientist, geologist, or any kind of scientist at all?

...that "Change We Can Believe In" and "We are the ones we've been waiting for" make no f...g sense whatsoever?

...that wealth is not "distributed" by some official or non-official entity but that some people actually go out and earn it by building businesses, saving and investing and/or working for a living?

...that since his election over a month ago, Barack Obama has not helped anyone pay for their gas or mortgage yet?

...that "thinking" has nothing to do with endlessly repeating what other people say, including teachers and TV anchorpeople?

...that until the US invasion in 2003, Iraq was ruled by a brutal dictator who tortured and killed many of his own countrymen and looted his country for personal gain? And that his name was NOT Rod Blagojevich?

...that despite her devotion to Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey is still heavy?

...that if she weren't married to a US Senator from Illinois, it is unlikely Michelle Obama would be a highly paid University of Chicago Hospitals VP or on the board of directors at TreeHouse Foods?

and my additions:

...that the incoming President of the United States is a narcissistic gasbag with a Burger King Shift Manager's resume, who simply rode the wave of white guilt into the White House?

...that "rebuilding the economy from the bottom up" is nothing more than preying on populist ignorance and pandering to the largest voting block?

...that for Barack Obama to be a member of Jeremiah Wright's Church for 20 years and never hear any offensive or racist rants, to be on the board of the Woods Fund and Chicago Annenburg Challenge and not realize how close he was to Bill Ayers, and to not know that Rod Blagojevich is a complete crook means that he's either a naive idiot or a corrupt liar; and that either way, he's unfit for the White House?