Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Thoughts About The VP Debate

Very quick and off the cuff:

1. I was, instinctively, like many Republicans suspicious of Gwynn Ifill's ability to be an objective moderator. I think she did just fine.

2. The Biden Clown didn't live up to his arrogance, to his credit. Many of my coworkers and I spoke of our hope that he'd be himself; condescending, maybe even sexist. Why? Because that's who we think he really is. Now is the time to let the world see it.

Politically, Biden handled his emotions well. He was, by and large, tactful. As the debate wore on, you could see him thinking "God, I can't believe I'm being expected to sit on this stage with this woman." But he didn't act on that. Score those political points to Biden.

3. Palin did as well or better than can be expected. As I've said in the last few posts here, I count on her to be a good VP/Potential President based on her actual record as an executive. Democrats and Xbox America want emotion and soundbites. That said, she showed confidence. Good, very good start.

4. I screamed a thousand times to my wife, "OH GOD, why can't I answer that question??" Palin missed several opportunities to beat the Biden Clown absolutely senseless. Windfall profits tax??

More later..... in short, she did fine.


Sorry, John from Powerline, my favorite blogger: The shout out was not a good move. Very sophomoric and goofy.