Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why September 11th, Unfortunately, Must Always Be Remembered

John McCormick today at The Weekly Standard's Blog posts an interesting spot referencing a November 2004 article in the magazine by Bill Kristol.

Kristol quotes Thomas Friedman of the New York Times:

"New York Times columnist Tom Friedman recently criticized the Bush administration for being 'addicted to 9/11.' He praised John Kerry for 'wanting to put terrorism back into perspective.' Friedman continued, 'I want a president who can one day restore Sept. 11th to its rightful place on the calendar: as the day after Sept. 10th and before Sept. 12th. I do not want it to become a day that defines us. Because ultimately Sept. 11th is about them--the bad guys--not about us. We're about the Fourth of July.'"

Personally, can I say that I'm very grateful to people like Thomas Friedman and the mouthbreathing John Kerry for making statements like that? This, folks is the mouth betraying the heart, thankfully, and is picture perfect proof of the Democratic Party's inability to defend this nation.

You know what, Tom? I'd love for 9/11 to be just another day but it can never be. The stark difference between mature adults and most Democrat leaders is that the latter fails to understand that 9/11 can never be "just another day" or something we shelve in the history books. It should always serve as a morbid and agonizing reminder of what happens when we fail to take our Islamofascist enemies seriously.

Friedman's comments give us insight into what a Kerry Presidency (shudder) and an Obama Presidency (shudder) would/will look like. To Kerry and Obama, there is no reason to be vigilant. Bring them to justice, treat them as a nuisance. Get mad at George W. Bush for being "addicted to 9/11". GWB's addiction to 9/11, says Kerry/Obama/Friedman, is the real enemy.

Meanwhile, the Islamists hate GWB too. And Kerry, and Obama, and Friedman. If you think for one minute a suicide bomber isn't going to slip into a buiding in Boston, Chicago or New York and yank the ripcord because these three clowns are in the building, then you are as delusional as the terrorists.

Again, this, folks, is why Obama/Biden must be defeated at the polls. Because, folks, never forget, Friedman, Obama and the rest are "addicted to 9/10/2001" and will not seek rehab, no matter what. In short, they all need to grow up. All we cherish is at stake, this is a war that will not go away unless we admit it is a war and fight it to win, not live in the past pretending that 9/11/2001 was just another day.