Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick Thought

I haven't watched much of the Democratic National Convention. I would, but I've been battling early stage pneaumonia and the medication I'm taking forbids any heavy drinking. Which is, believe me, the only way I can handle it.

Powerline and some others have rammed some soundbites/quotes down my throat. I've come to the conclusion that I am going to start poking my eyes out if I hear one more Democrat use any of the following in a stump speech:

"My Daddy/Father worked to feed my family of 10/15/25 by working 80/100/120 hours a week in a coal mine/steel mill/textile mill. "

"I was the oldest of 5/10/15 siblings, and my Daddy/Father would always expect me to be a leader."

"I was the first person in my family to go to college. I was only able to because my Daddy/Father worked 80/100/120 hours a week in a coal mine/steel mill/textile mill. "

"When I was a boy I can recall my Brother/Sister and I lying in bed and hearing my Daddy/Father say to my Momma/Mother "how are we going to pay the bills"

I'm pretty sure I'm leaving a few out. I can't take anymore of it, bring back Lamar Alexander's Red Plaid Flannel Shirt and Phil Gramm's recycled speech about proposing to his wife. I'll take that insanity over this any day. How refreshing would it be to hear a Democrat make this speech?

"Folks, I've been rich all my life, and I'm rich now. My father inherited a vast fortune from his father, as he did from his father. All generations of McDemocrat men have managed the family's finances in a responsible manner. We've maintained and grown our wealth through investments. It took 10 men 6 weeks to build the yacht I just purchased last week. They're asking me - no, begging me - to order another one. I've just put up some capital to lay the groundwork for a new golfcourse, which will employ over a hundred people, and bring a staggering return on investment within three years. Folks, get rich, help society, follow my lead. I'm asking for your vote."

Don't hold your breath.