Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Ignorance of Jeremiah Wright

I've wanted to address this for about a week now and am just now finding the time.

The furor surrounding Barack Obama's association with the crazy and divisive Reverend Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ here in Chicago has been all over the news. Unless, of course, you are a thoroughbred Xbox American, I'm sure you are familiar with the story of the nearly 20 year relationship that Ms. Illinois (Obama) has had with Wright, whom he first came to know as a Community Organizer in 1991.

There are many valid points that several pundits have already made in raising concern about Obama's links to Wright and the kooky and destructive theology of Black Liberation. Obama has tried his Bill Clinton-best to take both sides of the controversy, stating that he cannot disown Wright, but that he vehemently disagrees with Wrights more controversial statements.

For starters, I personally think that's a lie brought on for Political Expedience. Are we really to believe that Obama (as many have already pointed out) would sit and listen to this tripe every Sunday for nearly twenty years, donating thousands of dollars to the church, exposing his young and impressionable children to it, and allow this creep preside over his wedding ceremony had he not found agreement with Wrights sentiments? I'd say that is a very safe assumption and one that is reinforced by subtle Anti-American displays Obama has shown on the campaign, such as refusing to wear an American Flag pin on his lapel, or refusing to properly honor the flag during the National Anthem. To be sure, these acts in and of them self are not positive proof that Obama is in lock step with Wright's Anti-Americanism. But they sure don't bode well for the Senator's claim that he "profoundly disagrees" with it either.

As an orthodox evangelical Christian, I can personally attest to the strong bond between a pastor and his flock. Those who attend Christian Churches for years at a time develop a trust and certain ideological and spiritual vulnerability to those they call "pastor". My hope is that this is a wake up call to those across the political spectrum who support Obama yet love this country and want to entrust its stewardship to those who have its best interest at heart. Buyer beware, folks - look beyond the annoying God-in-the-flesh nonsense surrounding Obama (something that is very painful for me to witness) and see the freight train that we are on a collision course with if this nonsensical support for his candidacy continues.

All of that said, I want to address the sheer Biblical and Historical ignorance of Jeremiah Wright.

A common misperception among rabid Leftists is that those of us Right-of-Center who cherish this nation and want to advance its principals to the entire world, is that we think the United States of America is a "perfect nation". Nothing could be further from the truth.

The entire Christian Bible - when viewed systematically - is clear that sin in the natural state of all mankind (off the top of my head, Galatians 3:22). So to insinuate that any nation, comprised of fallen humanity and governed by fallen man is capable of being sinless is utterly laughable. There has been no nation in recorded humanity that has ever acted in complete justice to all men. I defy anyone to show me an example of any perfect nation in history.

Yet, this is what Jeremiah Wright and his malcontented ilk expect of the United States of America. I have a very hard time grasping the thought of a man sitting in the pulpit for forty years and not understanding the concept of Fallen Humanity and Imperfect Governance. When it is your profession to bring the understanding of Scripture to your congregation, and therefore it is your job to understand it thoroughly - how in the world can you expect perfection this side of eternity, in either a people or its government? Wright is appalled at Jim Crow and Slavery, yet ignores the blood that was shed in the 19th century and the risks that 20th Century citizens undertook rid the nation of these evils. Wright is angry about the US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; an act that ended a war brought to us by militarists bent on enslaving everyone under their yoke. Yet he doesn't seem to grasp the generosity of the American occupiers of Japan after 1945; a generosity that has made Japan a peaceful nation and a world economic power. Wright wants God to Damn America because of her "sins" - expecting a perfection that is impossible this on earth. What a Biblically ignorant buffoon this man is.

The United States of America has its sins in history - and has always dealt with them. Simply put, a nation that has a free press, freedom of speech and a culture rich in a religion that extols its adherants toward service to God and fellow man is inherently progressive. The long struggles for social justice - an end to slavery and segregation, universal suffrage, and the like - have been undertaken by our nation during its lifetime..... and more change and battles for what is right are still to come. If Wright is really concerned about the plight of his flock, he should be grateful to live in a nation where he can influence people of power to understand the need for the justice that he seems to feel deprived of. Wright has the freedom to march, organize, and voice his opinion supported with facts and logic to turn the tide of public opinion, and thus government policy. Rather than asking God to Damn America, he should be thanking God that he was born in a nation as progressive as the United States. And, he should be working to change the things that are unjust, rather than spewing hate for the nation that many of his ancestors appreciated and fought for, even when they didn't have the freedoms Wright does.

Lastly, what good comes from filling his flock full of this hostility and resentment? How are their lives going to be improved by believing that it is impossible for them to get ahead due to racism? How has one Black American's life been enriched and their personal well-being benefited by being filled with this kind of poutful papp? People from all walks of life and all races have gone from rags to riches by investing in themselves and taking advantage of the opportunity life in America brings. Why doesn't Wright see this? Because it doesn't fit his molded ideology. And it doesn't empower him.

God Bless America, freedom and opportunity abounds for those that take advantage of it and don't waste their lives feeling sorry for themselves or inventing straw men to be obstacles. Are you listening, Jeremiah?