Friday, September 7, 2007

Abdullah Doesn't Want To Leave The Gulag

I couldn't believe this when I first read it - the headline popped up on my Blackberry during a bout with insomnia. I laughed so hard I almost woke my wife up (hat tip to Rush Limbaugh).

Turns out two Tunisian men recently released from Gitmo (proof that innocent people are treated justly, or so it appears.... read on) and sent to a real hell hole in their home country.

The story is here - amazing.

I thought Gitmo was the hell hole? I thought torture at the hands of Americans was rampant there, people were miserable, Human Rights Watch was fit to be tied..... I thought brutish goons of George Bush's army in his war on terror were yanking Opie and Aunt Bea off the streets of Iraq, no administrative review upon capture, and sending them to rot there? I thought it was such a Gulag (thanks Dick Durbin) that people were never released? Its not? How can that be?

In my opinion, Human Rights Watch and Der Spiegel have a lot of balls lecturing the US on how to treat detainees (bold emphasis mine below):

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the US government is not doing enough(??) to ensure that prisoners sent back home are not subjected to ill treatment, despite diplomatic assurances from their home countries. The US is continuing to repatriate prisoners, sending home 16 Saudis on Thursday. But in their haste to reduce the numbers at Guantanamo, it seems they are being less than thorough in ensuring that the former prisoners are not mistreated.

I'm floored! again, the blame falls on the US for the way police states treat prisoners. What a bunch of elitist morons. But yet when GWB and the hated "Neocons" talk of spreading freedom around the world, with constitutional governments that protect the rights of the people, yokels like these sneer and bemoan the idea. They can't have it both ways.

But, my biggest gripe is the fact that no one in the land of the Useful Idiots seems to think its ironic that the "Gulag" of Gitmo is a better place than the home countries of these two prisoners.

Commandant of Gitmo: Abdullah, I have great news! We're sending you home to Tunisia.

Abdullah: F*ck That.


Another thought - I was under the impression that Gitmo was, according to the Wombats, to be closed down. So, if we close Gitmo, then what? We send Opie and Aunt Bea back to their countries of origin? But, we're monsters if we do that, too. So then what? We send them to the US penal system? Then what? What if they're found "not guilty" on some kind of technicality during their trials (a travesty, as this is a wartime detainment, not an issue of the rule of law in civil society)? Then what? Release them into American Society? Allow them to go back into al-Qaeda training camps? Can't do that. Then what do we do? Repatriate them to their countries of origin? Oh, yeah. We just decided we can't do that.

The Bush Haters continue to put us in a no-win situation. That's why the best bet is to keep the detainees where they are. And if a police state that we repatriate them to decides to treat them inhumanely, then the Left had best get fully behind the idea of ridding, eventually, the police state. Its that simple.