Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Most Stupid Panel Topic Of All Time

Last night the wife and I were waiting for the "El" train crowds to subside before attempting to board. Naturally, after a day of actually working for a living, waiting for such an opportunity is done best at the local watering hole outside our offices.

Of course, its asking too much for the bar to have sports on all the TV's. So how about the show "On The Money" from the agonizing Left-leaning and boring CNBC? Thank God, at least the volume was all the way down.

I kid you not, the topic being asked was "Will the U.N. sock it to Iran?"

Is this really a topic for discussion? I couldn't believe it.

Does the U.N. do anything worthwhile vis-a-vis dangerous tyrants? As I've pointed out several times on these pages, and will do so again here, the U.N. is the ultimate toothless lion. Why? Because tyrants around the world know full well that a resolution passed by the United Nations simply will not be enforced. You also have to figure in the fact that so many repressive nations constitute the United Nations and have very little interest in allowing free government and open society to flourish in the world. So expecting the United Nations to do anything to hold an oppressive, dangerous and unelected regime to account is on par with handing the fox the keys to the hen house. But yes, folks, CNBC inquires - Will the UN sock it to Iran?

You also have to chuckle at the choice of words "sock it" to a tyrannical regime. The only "socking it" that the U.N. is interested in is socking it to the United States and Israel. The one nation who sees the danger of tyrants to peace and prosperity and is actually trying to sacrifice blood and treasure to rid the world of the same, is considered by these kooks as the problem.

This is why I always tell Moonbats of all stripes that "world opinion" about the U.S. (and especially our endeavor to establish stable, free elected government in Iraq) is utterly useless.

Until every nation in the world - hell, I'll settle for a simple majority - gets serious about the threat of Islamofascism to everyone who cherishes freedom and prosperity, I don't give a damn what the world thinks of the U.S. Especially the United Nations, who's credibility in issuing resolutions is about as weak as Kerry and Edwards's 2004 claim that their presidency will create a "Stronger America".


Don't take my word for it, read the little shrimp's own words. Ahmadinejad himself said, in so many words, that you can take your sanctions and shove them straight up you ass.

So, while sanctions may aid in impoverishing the people the people of the target nation, they only serve to entrench the ruling regime they are intended to damage.

Whether the topic was sanctions or "stickish" resolutions, the idea that the UN will effectively punish Iran in such a way that will get results is laughable, to put it mildly.

The UN will definitely sock it to the Iranian people, but the nuts who rule it are bent on Armageddon and have no intention of altering their behavior.