Thursday, August 30, 2007

Looks Like The Hsu Is On The Other Foot

What is the common refrain we've heard from the Democrats over the last two years? Corruption, corruption, corruption, the Republicans are corrupt. Of course, leading up to the last election, the Democrats rambled on incessantly about "the caucus of corruption". In essence, their message was "vote for us, they're corrupt, we're not them."

I'm going to ask the question I've asked a thousand times, what are they for? Lets concede, purely for the sake of the argument, that the Republican Party as a whole is corrupt; what are the Democrat's plans to make us safer, keep our economy growing, keep Iraq from turning into a total swamp of Islamofascism, reign in our dependence on foriegn oil, etc, etc, etc. How come when Democrats run for office, its always, "vote for us, we're not Bush?" Or "vote for us, we're not the Republicans"? Because that's a hell of a lot more palatable to voters than running on who and what they really are. That works much better in the heartland than "vote for us, we're going to roll back tax cuts", or "vote for us, we're going to surrender our soveriegnty to the United Nations", or "vote for us, we're going to turn our health care system into a bureacratic nightmare", or "vote for us, we're going to raise gas taxes even higher for your own good." Lest you think I'm imagining all of this, look at how Democrats run for national office: by pretending to be Republicans (witness 1992 Clinton), or avoiding issues all together and saying "they're corrupt, that's why I deserve your vote."

So its rich as can be when Hillary Chavez is in today's Liberal Deathstar (NY Times) with this headline "Clinton Donor Under A Cloud In Fraud Case". Accompanying the article is a picture of the Great White Mother of Workers Hillary posing for a picture with Long Duc Dong from Sixteen Candles. Oh man, this is just too rich to avoid comment on. Along with Harry Reid's shady land deals, Diane Feinstein's influence in steering defense money into her own coffers, Barney Frank and his roommate playing 'find the banana' with young boys, Al Gore bowling with monks, Gerry Studs doing the horizontal rhumba with an underage page and telling his critics to pound sand, William Jefferson's Ice Cream Cash, and many more; looks like we can now add another Clinton scandal to the list. Not only that, the crowd of undesirables around the Clinton's just added a new member. Remember this list, from American Thinker's Mike Moseley on 7/9/07?:

I had to stop and look this up because I didn't want to get the best part wrong. During Bill and Hillary's terms, 47 individuals or businesses connected with the Clinton's were convicted, 14 people were convicted and imprisoned while working for the Clinton's {remember Attorney general Web Hubbell} and 45 witnesses or critics were subjected to IRS audits.

And yet, folks, Republicans are corrupt! Its laughable. I started the prelude to Moseley's list with this comment:

I like this because it reminds me of a caller to a talk show a while back who made the comment that the Bush Administration (paraphrase) "will go down as the largest criminal gang to ever occupy the White House." I heard this idiot make this comment and it hearkened back to Molly Ivins's reference to the Bush Clan as the "Texas Mafia". I feel a little guilty piling on someone posthumously, but Ivins spent the entire 1990s under Bill Clinton's desk. If anyone was ever silently jealous of Monica Lewinsky, it was Ivins. As the piece below demonstrates, if Ivins et. al. were honestly concerned about corruption in high office, they'd expose the goings-on of the ARKANSAS Mafia. Nope, Bush is the crook. Again, the Left lives in alternate universe. Its almost comical if it wasn't so dangerous.

So, Norman Hsu funnels thousand of laundered dollars to the Socialist People's Nominee of the Democratic Party for President, does so apparently illegally, all while himself being a fugitive from a fraud conviction from 1991, and of course, Mrs. Clinton knew nothing about it.

Yet, the corruption lies in the Republican party. When Republicans like Mark Foley and Tom DeLay have clouds of guilt forming over their heads, the party takes action and deals with it. This latest episode with Larry Craig of Idaho already has several calls coming from prominent Republicans for a resignation. Yet Gerry Studds gets five more terms in office, and William Jefferson and Barney Frank get prominent committee positions in Congress.

Yet, Molly Ivins was worried about the Texas Mafia. Unreal.