Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just When I Thought I Couldn't Criticize Huckabee Anymore....

Hat tip to Andrew Roth at CFG and Mary Katherine Ham at for this.

Just when I thought I couldn't be more turned off by Governor Huckabee, he makes the proclamation that he, as an elected politician, has the right to tell bar and restaurant owners what legal activities they can and cannot allow in their establishments. Of course, we're talking about Huckabee's enthusiasm for a national smoking ban in public places. And by public places, we mean bars and restaurants, not just the school library.

Frequent patrons of JG&AH know my feelings all to well on this subject. Smoking is a legal activity enjoyed by adults who are fully educated on its consequences. Yet, these same adults choose to indulge in the activity. Those who own these establishments are the ones that are entitled to make the decision - a business decision - on whether or not to allow these adults to indulge on their property.

Huckabee talks in the interview with frothing Chris Matthews about worker safety. His anology is that "we wouldn't allow people to pump radon gas into these work environments", so why allow smoking in these environments? There are several problems with this analogy. First off, Governor, if second-hand tobacco smoke is as deadly as radon gas, then push for legislation to outlaw it. Problem for Huckabee is, it isn't. Second, people don't indulge in radon gas for pleasure (I think Huck knows this). Lastly, and this what I base most of my argument on the subject on, if people knew that I pumped radon gas into my bar, no one would either patronize my establishment nor choose to work there. And the same goes for cigar and cigarette smoke.

Those who chose to work in bars and restaurants that allow smoking are perfectly capable of finding work in places that do not. Same with those who wish to enjoy dining smoke free as patrons. The market will accommodate their demand - it always does, Governor, and their is no need for you make the decision for them.

Just when you thought Huckabee couldn't be any more unappealing as a candidate, he goes down this road. My hope is that this will torpedo his candidacy once and for all.

But fear not, patrons of JG&AH. Our establishment will continue to have the aroma of used motor oil and cigar ash. Huckabee and the rest of the anti-smoking Nazi's can continue to pass their smoking bans all they want. We'll remain Cigar Friendly.

**afterthought: can we all agree its probably about time to refer to Huckabee as Hillary with a dick? Excuse the vulgar language, but it has to be said.