Monday, July 2, 2007

The Rich Not Paying Enough In Taxes Is Nothing More Than A Bumpersticker

What's the bigger threat to America - no, the West - to John Edwards, tax rates for the wealthy or Islamists bent on destroying us and our way of life? His recent remarks at the Democratic Debate on June 3rd shine the light on what his answer might be:

"What this global war on terror bumper sticker -- political slogan, that's all it is, it's all it's ever been -- was intended to do was for George Bush to use it to justify everything he does: the ongoing war in Iraq, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, spying on Americans, torture. None of those things are OK. They are not the United States of America."

You got that? That Militant Islam wants you dead and will stop at nothing to make it happen is all a drummed up slogan by George Bush to keep you in fear (as an aside, I wonder how long it is going to be before some boogereating kook of quasi-prominence is going to come forward and make the claim that Bush was behind the bombing somehow). I wonder if Scotland Yard after this weekend's failed car bombings at Glasgow Airport concurs with Edwards? I doubt it. Edwards's idiotic and, quite frankly, childish view of the enemy we face should be proof positive that he is unfit to lead the Western World in times like these.

IBD Editorials has a great piece about the fuzzy math of Warren Buffett with regards to tax rates. Buffett, a billionaire investor, seems to think that people like himself need to be taxed more. His secretary, he laments, pays upwards of 30% of her income in taxes (put your money where your mouth is, Warren. Double her pay and help her get out of that tax bracket then). Frankly, Buffett's numbers make you wonder one of two things: 1, if he's really that ignorant of who pays the taxes, how in God's Name did he ever get as far as he has in life, OR, 2, he knows the truth but has to shill for Hillary Clinton and follow the party line. My money is on #2, either that, or he wishes it to be true and pretends it is.

The IBD Editors dispel Buffett's myth pretty soundly. Warren, you may feel guilty about your lifestyle when others don't enjoy the same luxuries. Fine, then, advocate tax rates that allow those who invest and grow the economy to do so, because you of all people should know that this in turns lifts many people out of poverty - not Keynesian government spending, which does nothing more than empower the Democratic Party to buy votes. So come on, Warren! Stop terrorizing the people who grow this economy with your bumper sticker slogan of "The Rich Don't Pay Enough In Taxes." THAT is nothing more than a Bumpersticker the Power Whores in the Democratic Party use to terrorize the producers in this nation with. I'm sure John Edwards agrees.