Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Once Again, This Is What We Fight Against

Remember when you and I woke up on Saturday Morning and turned Bugs Bunny, Road Runner , and Superfriends on TV?

This is what Islamofascists are poisoning the minds of their children with. They are taught that Jews are the pigs, yet Israel is a free society with a constitutional government.

When we talk of spreading freedom and open society across the Middle East, its this kind of BS (the video below) that we are trying to confront. Never forget that.

Victor Davis Hanson said it best on his website. Some time ago, an Islamist apologist emailed him a rather hostile email, attempting to make the claim that Israel was "just as much of a terrorist state" as any other in the Middle East.

Hanson hit the ball out of the park in response, and its been somewhat of a slogan here at JG&AH. Paraphrasing: "The longer you make excuses for these Fascist regimes that lord over you, the longer you are going to deserve the misery you live in." AMEN. Long live free society.