Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fresh Meat By Sam Ryskind

Yogi Love of Red Planet Cartoons links to Sam's work on his website. I had clicked on one or two of his cartoons and got a chuckle, but nothing like I have today. If you go into Sam's work in more detail, it is positively brilliant and hysterical. At lunch today I've been going through his archives. I came across this and co workers are about to carry me away in a straight jacket from the tears of laughter.

I have to tell you, I continue to marvel at the fact that people like Sam and Yogi, and especially the great Cox & Forkum, are not syndicated. Yet hacks like Gary Trudeau are. Go figure.

What adds to Sam's work are the one or two paragraph commentaries he puts below his cartoons, that are just as sarcastic and witty as his drawings. Like this one below for example. His write up accompanying the cartoon is in bold.

Who would win in such a debate? Remember, neither one has a background in science.

Or This one:

Former Vice President Al Gore is about to release his man made emission, An Inconvenient Truth, to theaters. In this movie he takes on carbon dioxide, .03 percent of Earth’s atmosphere. Pathetic! My little sister could take on .03% of the Earth’s atmosphere! .03! Listen, Al, if you were any sort of man, you would take on real gas like Argon. Not only is it 26 times more present in the atmosphere than CO2, It’s a noble gas which means it will BEAT YOU DOWN!

One More:

I lost a “pinky” bet on this one. Trillion is in fact a real number and not a fake number like bajillion, or godzillion, or the phone numbers waitresses give me. Trillion is so real that this year’s budget contains two of them... well, three really if you’re audacious enough to round up 900 billion. It can be done, but you have to channel your inner Carl Sagan.

I'm sure Patrons of JG&AH are going to be seeing A LOT more of Sam's brilliance in the coming days. Nice work, Sam.