Monday, July 2, 2007

Bush Should Have Granted Libby A Full Pardon

Of course, the Used Car Salesman Joe Wilson wasn't happy, calling Libby a "traitor". Since Joe has a tendency to lie more than Bill Clinton on Prom night, he doesn't have much credibility, in my estimation.

Wilson, you and your wife are lying, Democrat hacks. And you sit back as a good man's political career is ruined by your lies and have the audacity to act like YOU'VE been hosed.

  1. Plame wasn't covert. Had she been, Patrick Fitzgerald would have charged CIA leaker Richard Armitage with giving her name to a reporter.
  2. Joe Wilson has lied several times about his Niger trip
  3. Patrick Fitzgerald never charged anyone with a crime. The minute Fitzgerald knew who the real leaker was, he should have either charged Armitage or closed the case. This became a partisan witchhunt.
  4. The recollection of several reporters involved in the case was as faulty as Libby's
  5. The devil's preparing a special place in Hell for slippery hacks like Wilson.
One more disappointment in the continuing enigma that is the Bush Presidency. Libby deserves a full pardon.

***** Addendum 7/4

Ben Johnson of Front Page Magazine has this from summer of 2005.

Some other points:

*Wilson had Plame's identity listed in his "Who's Who Of America" entry.
*Victoria Toensing, the author of the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act, makes the case routinely that Plame wasn't covert.
*How covert could Plame have been driving to Langley everyday?
*Given all of this, can you taste the bile coming up when you hear Wilson talk about "Valerie sleeping well" after Libby's conviction for having a bad memory?

IBD puts Bush's commutation of the sentence in very good perspective here.