Thursday, June 21, 2007

Iraq vs. Vietnam - Part III

Of course, CNN splashes the front page of their website this morning with the headline "14 US Troops Killed in Iraq In 48 Hours". Oh God, its Vietnam all over again, right?


Look at the graph below (courtesy of the Appeal For Courage Website) at try to get a handle on the difference. Why can't the Useful Idiots?

Again, as I've said over and over until, with enough redundancy to make any reader of these pages insane: All that we treasure - the comfort, the pleasure, the wealth, the success of our labor here at home - is under assault by Islamofascism and other opportunistic enemies of the West. The Front Lines of that battle are in Iraq. Xbox America had best start realizing that their comfort and security is only a nuclear blast away from being wiped out, and get on board in the GWOT.

Reality, folks, sorry.