Monday, June 18, 2007

Brave Assholes

If there are some pictures available in the papers later (and of course, you know there will be, along with a sweetheart writeup) I'll post them here. Lets just say I experienced something that got my blood boiling about 20 minutes ago and I can't wait to get this off of my chest.

As my wife and I were walking to work from the train this morning, the Left Wing Hell Hole of Downtown Chicago hosted a "march" of sorts by, what appears to be, the group "Iraq Veterans Against The War." They had a couple of their members with bags over their heads, supposedly to represent innocent Milk and Cookies Iraqi citizens being tortured by the other "characters" in the protest. These other characters were playing "in full uniform" what looked like a platoon of patrolling US soldiers in Iraq. They walked slowly, spread out to inconvenience everyone else, and mimed have rifles and yelling "clear" after "securing" the alley way where a homeless guy slept with his bottle of King Cobra. These guys would swing around wildly, stop abruptly as their information arms passed out literature before and after them. A couple had uniforms with the American Flag upside down on the sleeve. My hands have just now stopped shaking.

Those who know me know that I often go out of my way to avoid confrontation. Life's just too short to be angry and fight and confront when you don't have to. But you know what, I haven't experienced an adrenaline high like this in years, since my days in the Navy, when, like just about every squid, I did have a short fuse. I could see my wife trying to maneuver through these idiots thinking "If one of them touches her, I am going to beat the living shit out of him." Fortunately, we got through them with out an incident.

Folks, as a Christian to the core I try to avoid using this type of language but I'm so pissed off I can't see straight about this.

WHAT A BUNCH OF BRAVE ASSHOLES. It takes a lot of guts to pull a stunt like that in a free country, where a lapdog press will give you all the coverage you could possibly want. By the rag tag look of most of them, I doubt many of them ever even really served, but maybe they did, so what? What about the untold thousands of young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, putting everything on the line, reenlisting to see the mission through to the end? Folks, THEY are the ones with the credibility, because they understand what is at stake in the war against Islamism.

I have a question for these geniuses this morning - a few actually:

1. Could you brave souls have pulled this stunt off in Saddam's Iraq, the one you seem opposed to Americans dying to eradicate?
2. Do you really think you speak for the majority of those in uniform today who have the maturity, the grounding in reality to see what happens when you coddle tyrants?
3. Do you ignorant losers really think you have an entitlement to live in a nation as free and comfortable as the USA, without ever fighting to secure it?
4. Do you ignorant losers really expect us to believe that a majority of US Soldiers and Marines in Iraq really pull innocent civilians off the street and torture them?
5. Weren't you ignorant losers most likely the children of radical parents anyway? The whole Ron Kovic theme to groups like this really annoys me. Its just not reality.

I really would like to know the answer to the first question. I'm dying to hear an answer to it. I thought the Left were the champions of crusading for human rights? So, when we depose a tyrant after 12 years and 17 ignored UN resolutions, and the rape rooms and torture chambers give way to a fledgling open society, shouldn't idiots like these losers cheer???

Everything that you and I treasure is under the assualt of Islamofascism. Our men and women in Iraq are taking the fight to Al Qaeda there, to keep these losers free and safe to pull stunts like they did this morning.

Brave, brave Assholes. Children living in an adult's world. SICK.