Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Question of Political Reality

Two of my favorite publications - Capitalism Magazine and National Review (Both in the link list to the right) have posted disappointing articles regarding the current standoff between the West and Iran.

Time permitting, I want to go into more detail regarding this (and, as you can tell by some of the brief, heavily opinionated posts to this site lately, I really don't have the time to dedicate to this blog that I would like. I have about 3 drafts that I have been unable to finish due to time constraints), but suffice it to say both Elan Journo of CM and Jason Lee Steorts of NR (the later is one of the best current events minds in print, in my opinion) are missing a key component of Washington's - namely, George W. Bush's - reluctance to use or even seriously threaten military force to bring Iran into compliance with regards to its budding nuclear program. Journo's piece is here, and Steorts's can be found on pages 28-29 of the current print issue of NR (5/14/07).

Both writers take the administration to task for what amounts to toothless, soft approaches (sanctions, financial pressure) to the Iranian Issue. Journo goes so far as to say that our leaders "do not believe we have the moral right" to stop Iranian nuclear programs with military action. I'm going to, for the moment, defer to Journo in that he may have a quote from someone within the administration in this regard, but I'm suspicious that anyone in the Bush camp has ever made such a statement.

What all GWB's critics fail to see is that the Useful Idiots and XBox America have rendered any threat of military action from this President as empty and useless. If you're the Mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, do you really think that the Western Media would allow GWB to follow through with such military threats? Here the Useful Idiots, day in and day out, remind us of roadside bombs, death and disorder throughout Baghdad, causing the Power Whores of the Democratic Party to sound the trumpet of defeat and causing Xbox America to become complacent and void of any perspective of history. Our Military cannot even interrogate Prisoners of War in the plush comfort of Gitmo Vacation Resorts without being maligned for it. This administration cannot listen in to the phone conversations of known terrorists without being undermined by our own Press. The Power Whores of the Democratic Party are pushing for a running retreat from Iraq as soon as possible, irrespective of conditions on the ground. Are these the actions of a nation with the political will and ability to make such threats that Journo and Steorts seem to demand?

GWB could do just as the aforementioned columnists request - make the case and make the threat to move militarily against Iran. In fact, you'll recall his agonizingly detailed attempts to do so in 2002 and early 2003 against Iraq. What has been the result? Ergo, could anyone in their right mind fault GWB for being hesitant to make such statements? Fact of the matter is, our military impotence with regards to Iran is not the fault of the President. That blame lies squarely on the shoulders of lying Useful Idiots in the media, comfortable and perspectiveless Xbox Americans, and opportunistic Power Whores in Congress. Someone should write that column. Guess I just did.