Friday, May 11, 2007

Jihadists Will Use Our Comfort And Complacency To Destroy Us

Here is a classic example of how Xbox America - those who think that life on this earth throughout civilization has been as comfortable as it is now, and have no idea how precarious their comfort and safety really are - will be the ruin of this nation.
People like Congressman Davis and the other 10 sissified Republicans are using the Useful Idiots to undermine our effort to stabilize the fledgling representative government in Iraq. Davis et al and the Useful Idiots need to realize that the battle against Al-Qaeda and other Islamists in Iraq is nothing less than a total clash of civilizations. Jihidis have no problem sacrificing everything to win and prevail. Unless Xbox America gets on board and is willing to match the jihadis man-for-man, their comfortable lives are doomed.

Jihadi's have no problem sacrificing to see their goal 0f barbaric, 7th Century Islamism ruling the world. Does that mean sending young men and women to die on the battlefields of the world to defeat them? Yes. Our enemy is relentless and is willing to do so. We will lose - everything - unless we are willing to show the same resolve.

You are NOT entitled to comfort and peace in this world. It HAS to be fought for and defended. Wake up, Xbox America.