Monday, March 26, 2007

What Does Bubba do when Hillary is away?

Here's what he wants you to think he does when Hillary is out inciting class warfare among ignorant populists on the campaign trail.
Today, I caught a brief snippet of the Rush Limbaugh show while at work. In this article, Clinton prattles on about his love for Lucy and the Andy Griffith Show. But the best part is how he explains to us that Andy et al are his best friends when Hillary is out slaying capitalist dragons.

"As you know, my wife is away, so I'm home alone a lot," Clinton said of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. "I'm particularly grateful to TV Land for giving me something to do at night."

Yes, Bill, I'm sure you are grateful.

Are you laughing as much as I am about this? Look, and Limbaugh in so many words alluded to this: We all know what Bill is doing when Hillary is away. I can hear the high school kids in the neighborhood talking about it now.

"Man, you should have seen the hotties at this party I went to the other day at Chelsea's old man's house. DAMN!"

"For real, dawg?"

"Yeah Bra. We're talking smokin' hotties. They all kept asking these dudes in shades with ear pieces where Old Man Clinton was at, but they wouldn't say. Everyone just kept pointing at this bedroom door upstairs that was closed all night."

"Dude, how in the hell do you get invited to these things?"

"Don't know, Bra. Guess Old Man Clinton and I are kinda buds, know what I'm sayin'?"


(PS - I guess a lot of my incredulity at all of this comes from the fact that I have zero faith in Clinton's "wholesomeness". The mental picture of this philandering power whore eating Cheezits and yukking it up at the antics of Barney and Gomer is a picture I scarce believe any sane person can conjur up. Yet so many people just think this guy is the Second Coming. Amazing to me....)