Friday, March 23, 2007

Way To Teach Those Republicans a Lesson, You on The Right Who Sat Out Nov 2006!

"The Senate Budget: A $2,641 Per Household Tax Increase and No Entitlement Reforms"

I stumbled upon this article at the Heritage Foundation's website this afternoon. In the wake of last November's elections I predicted this to happen, not trying to congratulate myself here.

I dug deeper and found this standoff between author Jim Geraghty in National Review Online and Bill Quick of

Says Geraghty: " If I want a more conservative government, I get it by electing the more conservative of the two choices, even if he isn’t as conservative as I would like. I do not get it by sitting on the sidelines and pouting, and letting the less conservative guy take the reigns of power."

Of course, Geraghty has it right, and the first article of this post is exactly what I predicted would happen as a result of the sit-out. The plastic monster pictured to the right is now the third most powerful person in Federal Office and she thinks you need to pay more in taxes (that is you rich people; rich being defined as anyone who pays taxes).

You sure showed those Republicans, Bill. Enjoy your new tax bracket.